Simpatico 4Solo: Idaho Shuffle

By Simpatico Theatre (other events)

10 Dates Through Sep 30, 2018

Four artists contemplate masculinity in America. These solo performances work together to explore the repercussions and revelations of our hyper gendered society. These are true stories of tap dancing, the Titanic, Bjork, and broken hearts.

Idaho Shuffle, written and performed by Jeremy Gable, directed by Brey Ann Barrett

Jeremy Gable is normally a playwright, but he has this little-known talent as a tap dancer. In The Idaho Shuffle, he talks - or more appropriately, taps - about that hidden passion, and how in his teenage years, it came to both define and corrupt him. It's a revealing portrait of the different ways masculinity holds power over men, and an honest look at how we let our achievements define us.